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This game used to be free :( make it free again :'( please?   D':

There is  a free version online or on android  We are going to a release a version for apple soon too. 

We will keep the downloadable versions paid as we put a fair amount of work into the game and feel that this justifies the  price and thought it would be a good way for fans to show  support for our work.   I hope this was helpful!!


Very good game... Ever heard of the game 1 finger deathpunch? it's a really awesome mobile game and I think this game is kinda like it but without bosses. I really like this game good work ^_^ maybe try making a mutliplayer version?? I don't think that's possible but just try it :D

Hey, if you were interested we recently released an updated version of the game onto mobile. 


This is really addictive! I think it would make a fantastic browser or mobile game for slacking off at work.

We are making the mobile and web versions as we speak, will probably make an update about later this week. Glad you liked the game!